images from aliexpress

Aliexpress! Now I’m trying to tell you about the famous Chinese online store Aliexpress. I try very clearly to ascribe to the system of the work shop and women a lot images from aliexpress of good recommendations for users that you need and allow you to save a lot of money. Everything will be laid out on the shelves in the most clear language.

If someone does not become clear or there will be questions, I recommend to look at the fascinating video presented in this note. I think it will give more clarity to the material.

In addition to adequate prices, Ali organizes the best bonuses and sales promotions in my eyes, which only costs a day of global shopping 11.11 in any year. Aliexpress is only a small share of a large company under the name «Alibaba group». It also includes these giants as «Alipay» and «Taobao». But from the traditional company «Alibaba group» will soon move to the preparation of humanoid bots and will be even more and richer.

«Alibaba group» works not only in China, but also around the world. Aliexpress, the brainchild of Alibaba group, is an online store that allows people from all over the world to buy various products.

Finally, actually what is necessary for this, in order to start buying on Aliexpress? For a start, to register. This is done in a number of clicks. On the key page of the website Aliexpress find and click «Register». Fill in the normal columns with the name, surname and electric mail. Subsequently, this notice comes to your mail with a link to prove registration. Run across it. The 1st period is over! By the way, there are methods of registration on Aliexpress through «Vkontakte» or «Facebook», but it is hard to complicate your life, believe me on the text.
For successful delivery of applications from the website you need to show your home address. Go to the tab «My Aliexpress» and in the left column choose the place «Shipping» («Shipping»). Fill in all the columns: name, surname, address, number of housing, index and others. All the mandatory filled with transliteration! Translate British language names of your streets ought not, as reciting it will become our Patriotic Granny-postmen. Put, if you live on the West face, then in the box make the address «ulitsa Zapadnaya,» not «Western Street». Quite fundamentally show the true data, from this is dependent on the delivery of applications. Subsequently filling in the mailing address our registration on the website is entirely completed. Shopping time!