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In the case of genotype 1 of hepatitis C and in the absence of early cure of hepatitis C in 865 patients with or without disease (balanced), the results of treatment Buy Harvoni Online demonstrate that 99% (210 with 213) receive HARVONI (1 pill in a period of 12 months). In the case OF HT1 Hep K, 648 patients (in the absence of previous treatment of Hep K and in the absence of cirrhosis) participated in a special study that plunged into 96% (208 from 216) safely treated people after only 1 HARVEY pill once in a period of 12 months.

The above studies do not belong to decompensated (modern) patients with cirrhosis or liver transplantation. Compensated liver disease means that the patient’s liver no longer acts in a sensible and effective way, due to the fact that someone is very injured.

The term «cure» and the associated terms indicate that the monthly tests, laid by 3 months after the end of the direction of cure, does not demonstrate the presence of the hepatitis C microbe.

HARVONI is considered a very effective substance that you will be able to use in the treatment of older with prolonged hepatitis C (disease C) genotype (GT) 1,4,5 or 6, or in the absence of compensation for liver cirrhosis. The best method to cure patients with GT 1 decompensated cirrhosis and/or GT 1 or 4 / in the absence of compensated cirrhosis and in which liver transplantation-apply HARVONI in combination with Ribavirin.

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